Charles H. & Sharon F. McCarthy Family Fund - December, 2000

Established by the C. H. McCarthy Corporation as a donor advised fund which gives priority consideration to the charitable needs of Wyandot County, Ohio.


R. G. A. Goodman Scholastic Award Fund - March 2001

Ann Goodman Baker established this scholarship for the Wayside Christian School, student with the highest GPA in his/her graduating class. Student must have completed two years of foreign language, participated in musical or athletic activities, exhibit qualities of leadership, high moral character and school and community citizenship and enroll in a field of study that requires at least three years post-secondary education.

Angeline Endowment Fund - April, 2002

Distributions from the fund shall provide services to clients of the Wyandot County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.


Christina L. Minehart Scholarship Fund - 2004

James and Carol Minehart and Family established in loving memory of their daughter and sister, Christina L Minehart, post-secondary education scholarship(s) for graduating seniors of Upper Sandusky High School pursing a degree at an accredited four year education institution of his/her choice.


Patricia A. & Harold “Herk” Wolfe Fund - December, 2005

Established by Harold and Patricia Wolfe as a Donor Advised Endowed Fund.


Upper Sandusky School District Endowment Fund - February 2006

Distribution from the fund shall be made according to Toledo Community Foundation spending guidelines to support the mission of Upper Sandusky Exempted Village School District.


Martha Stephan Weaver & Rita Stephan Stangby Fund - November 2006

A field of nursing scholarship(s), established by Martha Stephen Weaver for Upper Sandusky High School graduates or graduating seniors. The scholarship(s) is for an individual of any age, where assistance may be helpful, pursuing a post-secondary degree certification or training to become a registered nurse, nursing assistant, nurse’s aide, licensed practical nurse, or other nursing related professional. (funded in 2013)


Martha Stephan Weaver Fund - November 2006 A designated fund providing annual distributions to St Peters Catholic School, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. (funded in 2014)


Dwain & Marilyn Sayre Fund - December 2006

Established by Dwain and Marilyn Sayre as a Donor Advised Growth Fund


Charles & Jean Gottfried Scholarship Fund - July 2010

To provide post secondary educational scholarships to graduating high school seniors who reside in Wyandot County, Ohio to attend an accredited school of higher education of their choice full-time. Recipients may renew their scholarship for the second year if they show progress in their studies.


Fred and Naomi Reid Charitable Fund - October 2010

Established by Fred and Naomi Reed as a Donor Advised Growth Fund


Charles A. & Jean K. Gottfried Community Fund February, 2012

Charles & Jean Gottfried created an unrestricted fund, to provide distributions through the charitable grant program of the Wyandot County Community Foundation.


Goodman Scholastic Award Fund for Upper Sandusky High School – May 2012

This is a one-time scholarship for the valedictorian of Upper Sandusky High School pursuing a post-secondary education at an accredited institution.


The Dwain Sayre Agricultural Honor Scholarship Fund - November 2013

The Mohawk High School FFA Alumni Association established this fund to provide annual education awards for graduates of Mohawk High School, Sycamore, Ohio pursuing a degree in the fields of food, agriculture or environmental sciences.


Cecille E. and Marilyn J. Bowen Fund for  the Wyandot County Board of Development Disabilities - 2014

Distributions from the fund are to be used to support services, programs and activities for individuals with developmental disabilities in Wyandot County, OH at the discretion of the WyCBDD .  


James W. Geary and Linda L Geary Endowment Fund for Upper Sandusky Parks and Urban Forestry - 2014

Established though the generosity of Linda Geary and her late husband James Geary, the fund will award distributions to support, develop and enhance the parks and urban forestry program of Upper Sandusky. 


Agnes Lutz Scholarship Fund - 2014

A scholarship fund transferred from a private foundation, will provide annual on-time scholarship awards of equal amounts to two graduating seniors of Riverdale High School to an accredited four year post secondary institution .  Scholarship awards are paid in the second year of the recipients enrollment in an accredited institution.


Wyandot County Community Foundation Fund – December 2014

Through the "Plant the Seed Campaign", over $20,000 was donated by individuals and businesses of Wyandot County in 2014 to establish an undesignated fund for use by the WCCF to make grants to local 501(c)3 qualifying organizations  and governmental units based on their applications.

Andy Koehler Medical Scholarship Fund - October 2017

Brenda Koehler and Daughters created this scholarship to honor the life of Andy Koehler.  The scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduating senior of Upper Sandusky High School intending to pursue a career in a medical field of his or her choice.  

Robert P. Lee Memorial Scholarship - January 2018

Established by Robert P. Lee Memorial Committee in cooperation with the Wyandot County Community Foundation to honor the life of Robby Lee.  This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior at USHS who has demonstrated an exemplary spirit of volunteerism and service to others.

The Kern Tuition Assistance Program Fund - June, 2020

Established by Richard and Elaine Kern the fund will at the time of their deaths provide financial assistance to Mohawk students pursuing an associate degree or certification from a two year technical college  or a bachelor's degree in education.  Assistance will also be available for a master's degree in education and studies beyond an associate degree or certification.  

Wyandot Baptist Fund - September, 2020

Hal Sheaffer and Richard Smith surviving members of the Wyandot Baptist Church wanted remaining funds of the church to stay in  Wyandot County. The Charitable Fund they created will benefit Wyandot County Citizens Forever.  Distribution from one half of the fund will support charitable grant making and operations of the Foundation.  The other one half will remain in the Fund to help it grow.       

Charles C. Steward Scholarship Fund - 2021

The family of Reverend Charles C. Steward established a scholarship fund in his name to support an annual one-time, post secondary scholarship award to a graduating senior from Upper Sandusky.  Memorial gifts given by individuals, families, businesses, and First Lutheran Church made the scholarship possible.

Our Family of Funds