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2022 WCCF Scholarship Recipients

Andy Koehler Medical Scholarships

  • $1000 Madison Byrum (University of Findlay)

  • $1000 Owen Knapp (Villanova)

Robert P Lee Memorial Scholarship​s

  • $1250 Kaylee Roberts (Bowling Green State University)

  • $1250 Owen Knapp (Villanova)

Agnus Lutz Scholarships

  • $1408 Andrew Kuenzli (Bowling Green State University)

  • $1408 Payton Rodriguez (Bowling Green State University)

  • $2706 Reagan McKinnis (Ohio State University Main Campus)

  • $2706 Paige Rothlisberger (Bowling Green State University)

T. Dwain Sayre Agricultural Honor Scholarship

  • $1200 Alec Bollinger-Renewal (Marietta College)

Martha Stephan Weaver & Ruth Stephan Stangby Nursing Scholarships

  • $750 Kendra Conley (University of Findlay)

  • $750 Gage Frey (Bowling Green State University 

Gottfried Scholarships

  • $2000 Laine Howell (Ohio Northern University)

  • $2000 Zachery Sheaffer (Ohio State University Main Campus)

  • $2000 Addison Miller (Ohio State University Main Campus)

  • $2000 Hanna Bame (University of Findlay)

  • $2000 Tyler Littlejohn-Renewal (Ohio State University Main Campus)

  • $2000 Emma Brown-Renewal (University of Findlay)

McCarthy Scholarships

  • $1500 Jevin Bennett (Bowling Green State University)

  • $1500 James Blackburn (Boston University)

Minehart Scholarship

  • Sydney Ham

Kakarala Scholarship (New 2022)

  • $500 Carson Pahl (Ohio Northern University)

  • $500 Katherine Meeker (Tiffin University)

Rev Charles Steward Scholarship (New 2022)

  • $750 Nicholas Wines (Capital University)

Goodman Scholarship

  • $1000 Grace Swartz (Chapman University)




Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis from philanthropic funds which have been established through the generosity of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. These scholarships assist students in their pursuit of higher education and training. 

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