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Giving Back to Wyandot County

“Doing Good. Forever” 

The Mission of the Wyandot County Community Foundation is to build a permanent collection of endowed funds that can provide ongoing assistance to Wyandot County Communities and Charitable organizations. Establishing a fund or giving to an established fund provides a means to make a difference in the lives of county citizens in years to come.


Planning your philanthropic giving takes time and thought. You will want your gifts to reflect your beliefs and values in life. The Wyandot County Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Toledo Community Foundation offers many advantages that may help you in your decision making process.


  • All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

  • A variety of fund types are available to meet your philanthropic needs.

  • Designated Funds can provide annual income to a variety of charitable organizations in accordance with your wishes.

  • Community Needs Funds support the ever changing needs of the community, providing maximum assurance a fund will remain timely and relevant.

  • Funds are invested and managed by the Toledo Community Foundation.

  • Professional staff from the Toledo Foundation are available to meet with donors and their financial advisors to discuss benefits and services available to meet individual charitable objectives.


Please Contact us with questions about how to include the Wyandot County Community Foundation in your charitable giving plans.


Donors Can Choose from a Variety of Investment Vehicles

The Wyandot County Community Foundation is entrusted to support projects that have a community focus, based on community needs. Depending on personal interests, donors may select to put their dollars to work in any of a variety of fund types within the Foundation. The following are examples of the types of funds you may wish to create. 


  • Community Needs Funds: These funds are established with the idea that the Wyandot County Community Foundation will monitor the charitable needs of the community and allocate resources through an annual grant selection process.


  • Designated Funds: Specially created funds may be designed to accomplish your charitable goals. The investment earnings from these funds may be used to support one or more specific charitable organizations. The Fund will be operated as a permanent endowment and the investment earnings will be regularly distributed to the organization specified when the fund is created.


  • Donor Advised Funds: This type of fund allows the donor(s) to select charitable organization(s) that reflect their beliefs and values to receive annual distributions. Advisors to the fund are determined by the donor.


  • Endowment Funds:  A nonprofit organization or governmental entity may choose to establish an endowment fund or may decide to place its own endowment fund under the auspices of the Wyandot County Community Foundation. The investment earnings can then be regularly returned to the agency or reinvested in the principal to build assets for the future.


  • Scholarship Funds: Special funds are designated to provide opportunities to help people of all ages continue their education.


Methods of Giving

A cash gift (check or credit card)

Donations of appreciated publicly-traded securities are accepted. This avoids a capital gains tax and allows the maximum tax deduction for the full market value of the gift.

A bequest in your will is a simple way to leave a lasting legacy.

A life insurance policy can name the Foundation as the owner and/or beneficiary of the policy.

Retirement fund accounts are often your largest asset. All or part of these assets can be given to the Foundation during your lifetime or at your death.

Real estate can be donated to the Foundation and deducted at full market value, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income.

A charitable remainder trust allows you or other named beneficiaries to receive lifetime income. Upon your death, the remaining principle creates a fund at the Foundation.

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