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Over $2.2 million……


For Donor Designated Funds, Scholarships, Endowment Funds,  and Community Fund Grants since 2001.

2001-2021 Distributions

$      45,072.00

Community Grant Funds
Field of Interest Funds
Organizational Endowment Funds
Donor Advised/Designated Funds
Scholarships Awarded
Total Distributions 2001-2021

2020 Distributions
Community Grant Funds                $  16,628.64
Field of Interest Funds                                 .00
Organization Endowment Funds         15,665.65
Donor Advised/Designated Funds     151,529.00
Scholarships Awarded.                      25,216.00
Total 2020 Distributions                $ 209,039.29

 20 Years of Inspired Giving

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Family of Funds

a Fund



Dear USHS Alumni,   


Each USHS graduating class wishes to leave behind some kind of memorial or memento as they head off into life. Some leave a bench or a plaque. Some leave knowing they have driven a teacher to the brink.


After a time each of us looks back at the personal foundations laid by our family, community, school and begin to think of ways to show appreciation to those that impacted our lives. There are many options available for Upper Sandusky High School Alumni to give back. 


Please take time to review endowment fund opportunities available to you and your classmates by reading Philanthropy by Design Q & A   Click Here 

Best Regards.

Wyandot County Community Foundation Board of Trustees  419 294 3556

Did You Know

  • The Wyandot County Community Foundation was established in 2000.

  • The Foundation is an affiliate of the Toledo Community Foundation.

  • Volunteer directors representing different areas of Wyandot County serve on the board of trustees.

  • Wyandot County Community Foundation assets exceed $6 million from 22 funds.

  • Distributions of $209,039 from various fund types were made in 2020       

2020 Donor Directed Distributions  $151,529

2020 Community Grant Distributions $16,628

2020 Scholarship Distributions $25,216

2020 Organization Endowment $15,666

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